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First hand machine.
Suit for oil palm, charcoal industries.
performance better than forklift shovel.

1.Large wheelbase, reasonable assignment of axle load and stableness of driving & operating
2.High dump clearance, big breakout force, bucket with kick-out device and high effective operation
3.The optimum match: LR4105 engine, Xiagong transmission, Xiagong convertor & Type 20 axle offers excellent tractive capacity.
4.The separated arrangement of the transmission parts, the fuel tank & hydraulic oil tank with motive connective function and turnabout engine hood cover make maintain easily.
5.The pin with dustproof and the external grease fittings offer easy maintenance.
6.The independent style cab with noise-isolation & vibration absorber meets all kinds of operation.
7.Special buckets and air-conditioning system can be selected to meet different users requirements.
8.Its the best selection of the users who pursing high reliability and efficiency.